Church Governance

Church Governance, Membership and Finance, Baptisms and Weddings

The  Church is governed by the Church Council which consists of various office holders and up to 15 Church Members elected at the Church Annual General Meeting.  Both Church Members and non- members are invited to attend the AGM although only Members are allowed to vote in response to any resolutions.

In order to make it possible to carry out all the functions of the Church a number of committees take on certain responsibilities.  These include:-

  •        Worship Committee
  •        Property Committee
  •        Pastoral Committee
  •        Events Co-ordinating Group
  •        Missions Committee

The Church Stewards work with the minister to prepare the Church for worship, help all things come together and assist as necessary.

Hanham Methodist Church is part of the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Circuit, the Bristol Methodist District and the Methodist Church of Great Britain.  This links the Church to every other Methodist Church in the country and reminds us we are part of a far greater entity.  The Methodist Church at every level seeks to build partnerships with other Churches and other Faith and Community Groups.    

Membership of the Methodist Church through confirmation is open to all those willing to accept Christian principles of worship, discipleship, service and a willingness to share and practice one’s faith in daily life.  If you are interested in being confirmed please speak to the minister or one of the stewards.  The Methodist Church recognises the validity of the baptism and confirmation rites of all other Christian traditions. 

The Church also welcomes those seeking to have their children baptised or who wish to have a Church wedding.  All enquiries should be directed to the minister.

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